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Lady Cage-Barile........ Community Representative

Introducing........ Lady Cage-Barile

Introducing........ Lady Cage-Barile
ISSUES (Reform Immigration Laws; No Tax Increases; Protect Family Rights
Terrorists, Criminal Aliens Marry Americans
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Why Is Pot Legalization & Use a Bad Idea
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Lady Cage-Barile was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lady's southern training has helped her communicate with people of all walks of life, of all ages, races, sex, creed, color, national origin, religions, political and socio-economic classes. She attribute these abilities and skills to  her strong family background. Her mother and father instilled in her a belief of God and a commitment to helping others. Her parents were the Founders of the First and only Fire Station in Alsen, LA, whereas her mother is the Chairperson of the Board. Lady was also encouraged by her grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, mentors, teachers, ministers and even some politicians to enter public life.
The lesson each of them taught Lady Cage-Barile was that "What you give is what you receive in return, be it services, finances, advice, respect, comfort, judgment, instructions, even pain. Always practice to do things righteously, because what you receive in return, you want it to be of a righteous nature.........
Lady moved to Los Angeles, California in 1982 and she has lived in South Los Angeles since 2000. Lady entered into a covenant marriage to Eugenio Barile on April 9, 1996. They have no children.
    *   I don't smoke
    *   I don't drink alcohol
    *   I don't do drugs ( marijuana, etc )
    *   I will always be health conscious
    *   I will keep a clear head, a pure heart and an open mind
         in my life and in the office as Assemblymember
    *   I don't use profanity (this is language of hostility and disrespect)
REASON FOR LADY CAGE-BARILE' CANDIDACY?  To assure that the 47th Assembly District receives great representation. Having ran in 2008 for this seat, it energized me even more for the 2010 election, because just like you, I want things to get much better for the citizens of my District and for California
  • Masters of Arts in Social Science     2005 Pepperdine Univ.; Culver City, CA
  • Secondary Ed., Professionally Cleared , 2005 Pepperdine U.                 Credentialed Teacher                    Culver City, CA 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science      1972  Southern University;               Baton Rouge, LA
  • Associate Degree in Law Enforcement    1972   Southern University;               Baton Rouge, LA 
  • Certified Medical Assistant                1988 National College                                                                 Los Angeles, CA


  • Correctional Officer at Angola State Prison 1976-79 Organizer and Shop Steward of the first ever Union for the  Correctional Officers 
  • Substitute Teacher 1979 - 1980  East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
  • Campaign P. R. Director to elect Eva LeGarde (first black elected) to the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board  1980
  • Actress  1980   Columbia Pictures
  • Legal Secretary (Workman's Comp) 1984 - 86  Childers and Dickerson Law Firm
  • Medical Assistant  1990 - 94  lnglewood Pediatric Subspecialty
  • Administrative Secretary  1994 - 96    National Council of Negro Women, Inc. of Southern California  
  • Department Secretary  1996 - 99    Screen Actors Guild  
  • Cage-Barile Sports Accessories   2003 -      Owner 
  • Volunteer Community Tutor   2000 - Current
  • Secondary Teacher  2005 - 07    Los Angeles Unified School District    
  • Secondary & Pre-School Teacher  2008   Ed Solutions (Chartered Schools)
  • Secondary & Pre-School Teacher 2009-Current   Inglewood Unified School District


  • The National Council of Negro Women, Inc
  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
  • Former Member of United Teachers of Los Angeles
  • Former Member of SEIU  (Service Employees of  International Union)
  • Member of the Figueroa Church of Christ
  • Member of Screen Actors Guild
  • Sr Class Queen, Southern University, Louisiana 1972
  • Finalist on the 1st Miss Bayou Classic Court
  • Member of Crenshaw High School Cougar Coalition


  • Save Martin Luther King Hospital
  • Encouraging Teenagers to get educated & be drug free
  • HIV/AIDS Epidemic Project in the Black & Hispanic Community
  • Pro-Life Activist
  • Save Los Angeles County Seal
  • Single Parents Rights Activist
  • Recycling Program by high school students
  • Protect Marriage between one man and one woman
  • Save the Disabled Veterans Home and Land in Brentwood, California
  • Senior Citizen Advocate
  • NO to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries ( It's not legal, safe nor medically beneficial, per U.S. Surgeon General 2011 )




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Lady Cage-Barile
Teacher,  Enterpreneur, Consultant