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Lady Cage-Barile........ Community Representative

ISSUES (Reform Immigration Laws; No Tax Increases; Protect Family Rights

Introducing........ Lady Cage-Barile
ISSUES (Reform Immigration Laws; No Tax Increases; Protect Family Rights
Terrorists, Criminal Aliens Marry Americans
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Constituents have been kept in the dark far too long.....Hundreds of Bills are passed each year. On November 2, 2010, raise your voice with a vote for Lady Cage. To Reduce The Bureaucratic Waste............


Concerns of the Community and Lady Cage-Barile

  1. Pro-Life   (Exception: Life Saving Emergency)
  2. Pro-Education  ( Schools / Health / Safety /  Prisons / Environment )
  3. Pro-Community Development
  4. Pro-Business
  5. Pro-Traditional Family / Values  ( Protect Marriage Between One Man and One Woman )
  6. Pro-Homeland Security  (Immigration Reform)
  7. Pro-Veterans Rights  (Protect Disabled Veterans Land in Brentwood, CA)
  8. No Tax Increases  (Tax Reductions)
  9. Stop Runaway Rent Increases  (Residential / Business)
  10. Prohibit Medical Procedures of a Minor Without Parental Consent  (Exception: Life Saving Emergency)
  11. Pro-Senior Citizen Rights,Care and Utilization of Their Skills
  12. Environmental Protection
  13. Pro-Job Development  (Job Protection for Union and Non-Union)
  14. Mobile Intake Units to identify and help the Homeless and Mentally ILL
  15. Combat Graffitti Taggings through High-Tech Surveillance and Intervention
  16. Valid California ID presented when Voting
  17. Animal Control and Rights 
  18. No Medical Marijuana Dispensaries



Every country has their problems, but the United States cannot condone that our laws be ignored. This sets a double standard and it sends the wrong message to the U. S. Citizens that illegals has all the rights to break our Federal Laws without penalty. Since the lack of enforcement of illegal immigrants, criminal activity has increased 80%. To identity thief, gang activity, polygamy, medicare fraud, children and women trafficking. When there are problems in other countries, the United Nations (UN) was put into place to watchdog those types of situations and react in force if necessary. 

Libery and Justice for all, is for American Citizens. The extension of these privileges are that we treat all people with respect and dignity when in our country. Non-Americans do not have full citizenship rights. Illegals don't have residency rights, that's reserve for those who have applied for citizenship and are awaiting the completion of their paperwork or who has applied for a Visa legally. In any event, all permissions to stay in the United States is given while an immigrant is still in their own country.

Granted, the U.S. Immigrations laws does need more direct wording to dispell those who feel that they have a right to remain here,just because they got pass the Border Patrol.


  • When a man and a woman get married and one is a foreign subject, an section of the immigration law that disallows the foreign subject to return to their own country for cases of emergency should be revised to allow permission to travel within the now 2-year no travel clause

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Your Immigration Questions Answered by VisaPro.

Here, you will find detailed answers to many of most common immigration questions.

1. What is J1 visa?
  The J1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S. to participate in exchange programs to promote the sharing of knowledge and skills in education, arts and sciences.
  J-1 visas are of two types:
    J-1 visas that do not have a restriction known as 'Home Residency Requirement' (HRR)
    J-1 visas that have the HRR restriction

2. Who are eligible for J-1 visa?
  Applicants eligible for J-1 visa are:
    Students at all academic levels
    Trainees obtaining on-the-job training with firms,
institutions, and agencies
    Teachers of primary, secondary, and specialized schools
    Professors coming to teach or do research at institutions of higher learning
    Research scholars
    Professional trainees in the medical and allied fields

International visitors coming for the purpose of travel, observation, consultation, research, training, sharing, or demonstrating specialized knowledge or skills, or participating in organized people-to-people programs



Current  and  Previous 47th AD Assemblymembers has supported destructive Bills such as:
  • Same-Sex Marriage two years in a row ( Bill AB 43) 
  • Man to take another Man's name as though married  ( Bill AB 102)
  • neglecting the plight of teenagers and young adults in our community
  • Supporting illegal immigration
  • Supporting Pro-Abortion
  • Has not promoted or provided job development to increase the economy in our District
  • Has not been listening to the Residents and Businesses of the 47th District  
  • "Raises State Taxes" an additional 10%.
  • Has failed in supporting all of the Schools within District 47
  • Voting to sell Marijuana to earn revenue
  • Voting to decriminize Marijuana use ( This enable certain Politicians to use it without getting arrested )

When Karen Bass was asked  what would be her solution to solving California's 15 Billion dollar deficit? her answer was "To raise State Taxes an additional 10%." Citizens are losing their homes, jobs and medical care and Karen Bass wants them to pay an additional 10% to State Taxes, which would bring it to 18.25% taken out of your paychecks.
In February 2010, Karen's last act of duty when stepping down as Speaker was to give her staff a 10% raise and yet money could not be found for education. Everyone gets money except for our District.  

( CLICK HERE )........ MATRICULA CONSULAR CARD: Illegal ID Card used by Illegal Immigrants

It's No Longer Politics, It's Your Livelihood


Lady Cage-Barile
Teacher,  Enterpreneur, Consultant