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NPC Excaliber Body Building Fitness 12/04/2010
MR. CALIFORNIA 2006 Shawn Lasley.

By:  Lynne Davidson
       Owner, Titos Tacos
July 27, 2010 at the Culver City Council Chambers there will be vote to place a higher TOT (transient occupancy tax) on the November ballot. This vote will require ALL Council members to vote "Yes". The last vote two weeks ago was 4-1, Vice-Mayor Mehaul O'Leary being the only "no" vote.
What is so offensive about this is that the voters of the City will raise taxes on "somebody" else. The Hotels in Culver City already pay one of the highest gross receipts tax in the State, one of the highest utility users taxes (11.25%), and very high trash collection bills (City Monopoly). Right now the TOT tax in Culver City is 12%, and they want to increase it to 14% in two steps, the same as Santa Monica & Beverly Hills. 
The Council will also be voting on money to be spent "educating" the public about the benefits of (??) raising this tax. For more information; go the the Culver City website. PLEASE CONTACT COUNCILMEMBERS OR COME TO THE COUNCIL MEETING ON MONDAY NIGHT
Monday Night Council  vote on the TOT tax, Councilmember O'Leary "voted " and stopped the whole special election process. He felt that the City would not net much money after the expenses of the special election. He also did not think it would actually raise as much money as projected. Councilman O'Leary was also uncomfortable being the olny vote against. The Council will not need his vote to put this on the ballot in the next regular local election. He deserves our thanks anyway !!!!
Lynne Davidson
At the same Culver City Council Meeting, the Councilmembers did approve of and delivered 6 new passenger vans to the Senior Citizen Center to replace the vans that were too dangerous to ride in. Thanks to Senior Advocate Ms. Marilyn Medji.


President Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee to replace Justice John Paul Stevens, Elena Kagan, must be opposed. She has never been a judge at any level and throughout her early years was an outspoken socialist whose views remain far outside of mainstream America to this day. Her expressed prejudices and views on cases and policies, although extremely scant and subject to interpretation, do not suggest she has the impartiality required of a United States Supreme Court Justice.
*ANTI-FAMILY: Elena Kagan’s zeal for “homosexual rights” will taint her rulings on pro-family cases.
*ANTI-FAITH: Kagan has expressed hostility toward faith-based organizations and would limit their impact on public policy decisions.
*ANTI-MILITARY: Kagan opposes the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and banned military recruiters from the Harvard Law School campus during a time of war in protest of such “discrimination.”
*ANTI-SOVEREIGNTY: Kagan’s views on transnational law undermine America’s self-rule and national sovereignty.
*ANTI-CONSTITUTION: Kagan has called the Constitution “defective” and shares President Obama’s view that we should have an “evolving” or “living” Constitution, thus marginalizing its ultimate legal authority. She has written about a supposed need to increase the power of the Executive Branch at the expense of legislative bodies.

Elena Kagan’s lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court – with Americans having little or no direct knowledge of her views on key issues – would be a dangerous mistake. She is truly a “stealth” candidate in the sense that the Obama Administration can conceal her true opinions and judicial philosophy throughout the nomination hearings.

AB 781 Bill rejected by the Democratic Party 2010

Democrat Assemblymembers and Speaker John Perez refuses African-Americans Jobs in 2010

For years the community has complained about the lack of jobs for the African Americans. There has been numerous articles on how Blacks were blocked from being employed because of Bi-lingual Only Job Openings. AB 781 was introduced as a solution to stop blocking jobs to english speaking citizens. NAACP tried everything to get the Democrats to carry the bill, but they all refused. Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries, a Republican from Lake Elsinore heard the call of distress, so he carried the bill to the floor. When it went to Committee, it did not receive one vote. Current Assembly Speaker John A. Perez ( Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa' cousin) would not respond to the questions of jobs for the African Americans.  His objective is to see to it that the door is always open for the undocumented aliens to work in California.He can care less about African American. See News Article:



This news gets worse: Yesterday, the full House of Representatives and the Armed Services Committee in the Senate voted to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

In his State of the Union address, President Obama pledged to end the law that denies gays and lesbians the right to serve their country. President Obama said "Now, we are closer than ever to making good on that promise."

The full Senate will soon start its debate on repeal. But some Republicans are digging in their heels. Senator John McCain said, "I'll do everything in my power" to block a vote. And Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker called the repeal bill "a major mistake" -- announcing that the GOP plans to filibuster.

In my opinion, as a Candidate for the 47th Assembly Seat, I stand firm on keeping the Ban In Place. We should not allow sexual diversions to put our young men and women in harms way. Homosexuals have already shown that they lack self control, they lack moral fiber and they lack respect for GOD and Society as a whole. The military ask that you be 100% man or 100% women.Those who are confused and mentally unstabled really have no place in the military. Also, no one has stopped a man or a woman from entering the military,if they passed all entry requirements. Bad Company creates Bad Behavior. It would be Gay Rights Parade every day in the Military if this ban is lifted.  HONESTLY... I SAY PROVE ME WRONG, OR RATHER..... TIME WILL BE THE MEASURING STICK AND MORE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED.

Call your Representator and Senator and tell them point blank, "I want the Military " Don't Ask, Don't Tell Ban" to Stand. For the 47th Assembly District, that would be Senator Diane Watson at: Washington, DC phone: 202-225-7084 fax: 202-225-2422 and her Los Angeles Office phone: 323-965-1422
fax: 323-965-1113 and Congresswoman Maxine Waters at:
Washington, DC Phone: (202) 225-2201; Fax: (202) 225-7854 and her Los Angeles Phone: (323) 757-8900 ; Fax: (323) 757-9506. It would be a miracle, if they would listen to the Voters in their District rather than to "Campaign Special Interest Funds Supporters"

Disabled Veterans Deeded Land Spoiled and Misused

Land located in Brentwood,California at Wilshire Blvd. and San Vincente was deeded for Disabled Veterans in 1888, but is being used for everything except for the benefit of the Disabled Veterans. There are two buildings vacant, while there are Homeless Veterans on the streets who have addictions. There's a warehouse being used by the entertainment industry and Rental cars are parked and stored on the VA grounds. Veterans and their family suffers, while Non-Veterans benefit from the deeded property. Why is the Veteran's Administration allowing Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System ( GLAHS ) to misuse this property? Companies that are hindering the Rehabilitation of Disabled Veterans and are using the VA land for entertainment events are: Richmark Entertainment Group; Enterprise Rent-A-Car; Brentwood School; Veteran Park Conservancy; Marriott Laundry Service; Tumblewood Buses and Breitburn Energy Partners. "We The Veterans" have been monitoring these activities by the GLAHS for several years now and they are fed up with the neglect of our American Veterans. "We The Veterans" ( Co-Directors:  Robert Rosebrock and Francisco Juarez )  Protest Rally every Sunday at the VA Facility on Wilshire Blvd. / San Vincente in Brentwood, from 1pm - 4pm. 2010


GAY MARRIAGE - A Civil Right or a Mental Disorder Out of Control?
In 2000, the California Voters passed "Prop 22" (Protect Marriage between one man and one Woman). Afterwards, the Gay Rights Coalitions lobbied the Ultra Liberal controlled Assembly and Ultra Liberal controlled Senate to pass Bills AB 102 (Man takes another Man's name as though married)  and AB 43 (legalizing "Same-Sex-Marriage").  Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 102 & he vetoed AB 43 in 2006 and 2007.
Just as the Ultra Liberal Legislators went against the California Voter's decision, so did the California Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mr. Ronald M. George, when he  Reversed "Prop 22" on May 15, 2008. Ronald George has retired in 2010.
Gay Coalitions are claiming that a sexual preference is comparative to being African American. Let's examine this stance. One is a mental disorder and the other is a race. One is a choice and the other is a birth. One is a cognitive behavior and the other is a birth. One is a sexual addiction and the other is a birth. The SSSTD ( Same Sex Syndrome Transference Disorder ) of Gay Individuals is enhanced when the complexity of ethical and moral principals that controls or inhibits the action or thoughts are compromised, secretly stored or obliterated.
On November 4, 2008, the people of California spoke and voted that Gay Marriage was not an acceptable social policy. A Behavior Disorder does not trump the well being of the society as a whole.
Gay Lobbyist raised enough money in 2010 to buy off the lawyers who defended President George Bush regarding the hanging chad in Florida's election. The overly paid lawyers got Federal Judge Walker to overturn THE PEOPLE'S VOTES when he vacated Prop 8 in California. It was discovered that Judge Walker should have recused himself because of his homosexual behaviors, instead he retired in 2010 and We the People must fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court to protect the People's Vote. In the meantime there was an injunction imposed to block any gays from entering into a "Dead Matrimony Vow" (marriage that's unacceptable before God or Man). In this case Alana (nominated Supreme Court Judge by  President  Obama  in 2010) should recuse herself as well, because of her choicing to be a homosexual. Obama won't be able to repent of this judgment. This shows that Obama refuses to believe in  and follow God.

Attorney General Jerry Brown Attacks Prop 8 (click) 2010 Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger filed court papers against Prop 8

August 8, 2008
Liberal Legislators ( ALL Democratic Assembly Legislators ) in Sacramento sends AB 2567 to Governor Schwarzenegger to approve "Harvey Milk GAY DAY"( In 2009 Schwarzenegger signed AB 2567)
August 2008
CALIFORNIA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION donates $250,000 of union money to defeat Prop 8, without the consensus of the members.

McDONALD'S Restaurant Corporation paid $20,000 to become a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. It is also supporting their agendas. BOYCOTT McDONALDS !! Go To:

It's No Longer Politics, It's Your Livelihood


Lady Cage-Barile
Teacher,  Enterpreneur, Consultant